MAVA Land Use Futures Sessions at BioEcon 2018

Dampier Creek looking south-east over mangroves towards Roebuck Bay


Land Use Conservation in the 21st C. –  Population, Development and GPGs

How will it be possible to provide for long term land uses for global public goods such as climate change and biodiversity, against the backdrop of increasing populations and economic development?  Is it feasible to provide for both food security and such global public goods in the long run?

Session Papers


Mark Williams – Leicester University

Oscar Venter – University N British Columbia

Tamas Krisztin – IIASA

Hans van Meijl – Wageningen University

Tim Swanson – IHEID


Doug Gollin – Oxford University

Paul Ferraro – Johns Hopkins University

Hugo Valin – IIASA

Fangyuan Hua – Cambridge University

Susanna Hecht – UCLA

Laura Diaz Anadon – Cambridge University

Agenda – 13th September –  Kings College Cambridge

Land Use Conservation in the 21st C. – Population, Development and Global Public Goods

Chair: Susanna Hecht

Conservation in the 21st Century

1030-1055       Conservation in the Anthropocene – Mark Williams

1055-1105       Discussant  – Fangyuan Hua

1105 –1130     Conservation: Protected Areas and Pressures – Oscar Venter

1130- 1140      Discussant –  Paul Ferraro

1140-1205       Land, Population and Policy – Tim Swanson

1205-1215       Discussant – Laura Diaz Anadon

1215-1230       General Discussion with Panel

Chair:  Tim Swanson

Food Security and Conservation

1330-1355       Conservation in the Long Run   – Hans van Meijl

1355-1405       Discussant – Hugo Vallin

1405-1430       Conservation and Food Security  —  Tamas Krisztin

1440-1450       Discussant  —  Doug Gollin

1450-1500       General Discussion with Panel