This fall, two final events are being held for this project:

1. MAVA Land Use Futures Sessions will be held on Thursday, September 13th at King’s College (Cambridge) as part of the 20th Annual BioEcon Conference.

2. The New Malthusianism: A Symposium, will be held on Wednesday, December 12th  and Thursday, December 13th at Jesus College (Cambridge) to commemorate the 220th anniversary of Thomas Malthus’s Essay on Population, and to explore issues related to global population growth in the 21st century.

Past Events


1. “Economic growth, population, food demand, and global land use : an integrated assessment”, presented at the World Economic Forum, October.

The objective of this workshop was to develop a framework that captures the joint determination of:
  • Economic growth: per capita income
  • Population growth: fertility transition
  • Food production: technology and change in diet
  • Agricultural land conversion
2. “Global land use patterns and food security : issues and evidence”, a workshop organised at the Kings College, University of Cambridge, 20-21 September.

The workshop was organized by the Centre for International Environmental Studies of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, The Grantham Institute on the Environment of the London School of Economics, and the Luc Hoffmann Institute, WWF-International, with the Sponsorship of the MAVA Foundation. The main objective of the workshop was a dialogue about the potential sources of externalities from global land use changes. It brought together agronomists, biologists, ecologists and economists.

3. “The right to food and conflicts over land use”, a symposium hosted by the MAVA Foundation, the EU FoodSecure Project and the Geneva Academy of international Humanitarian Law and human Rights, 1st September, Geneva.

The Symposium provided a means of presenting and discussing the range of issues that concern the international community regarding land use conflicts, for discussion and dissemination.